mercoledì, aprile 18


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Behind the growing success of street art there are often mechanisms that transform artists into tools in the hands of galleries, institutions and media. In a market interested both in the economy of attention and the selling of artworks, the street artist is the ideal low-cost toy. He distracts, entertains, sets trends, attracts followers and likes and has low economic claims. You don't even need to contact him well in advance, because today the offer in this environment is so wide that you have a wide margin of choice even a few days before an event.

venerdì, dicembre 2

Amnesty International - School bus

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This is a promotional School bus that demonstrates the reality of child soldiers. It will drive around major cities to raise awareness on the issue.

venerdì, marzo 18

Museum of the Great War - An unexpected umbrella

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In order to attract new visitors, the museum of the great war created a partnership with several hotels close to gare de l'Est, the Paris train station serving the city where the museum is located, only 20 minutes away. It provided the hotels with ordinary-looking, black umbrellas that were made available to guest at the reception desk in the event of inclement weather. Upon opening the umbrella, users were surprised to find themselves immersed in a 360° view of a WWI battlefield along with the following message:


The umbrella served as reminder of just how merciful the sky today is, even when obscured by clouds. And how, a century on, it is imprerative not to forget, as peace proves to be fragile.

mercoledì, luglio 29

Brian Kane - Healing Tool

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Healing Tool is art designed for people in cars. A temporary public art installation using digital billboards on interstate freeways.
The goal is to provide a moment of temporary relief and unexpected beauty during the daily grind of commuting.
The piece builds on a body of work which simulates digital experiences in the real world. In this case, simulating the Photoshop Healing Tool to replace or patch over the landscape which is blocked by the billboard.

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